2018 Half de Paris TX Half Marathon Pace Squad

We're happy to be offering pacers for a variety of finish times to either give you company on that first half marathon, help you accomplish your time goal, or maybe help some veteran runners set a new personal record! We have one of the biggest pacing offerings in a local half marathon, with 10 minutes intervals from 2:00 to 3:00 finish times and also a 3:30 goal time. 18 veteran runners are ready to help YOU!

Click on a goal finish time to skip down to that pace team's biographies and pictures. Thank you to Andy Rose, our Pace Squad Organizer! Questions about the pacers? Email pacesquad@theactivejoe.com.

Goal Finish Time Pacer Pacer
2:00 Kelly David Gina Peterson
2:10 Jill Allison Srinivas Pogiri
2:20 Telander Foster Jenny Little
2:30 Suki Kourounnis Chauncey Eastes
2:40 Sarah Martin Marissa Zoda
2:50 Chris Higman Tom Johnson
3:00 Martika Damiko Abbie Cowan
3:30 Amy Long Meghan O'Gorman
Alternate Pacers Andy Rose Teri Anderson


Pacer Bios and Pictures

Pace Squad Leader

Andrew Rose
Andy is an ultrarunner who runs both trails and roads. He started running in 2011 to raise money in memory of his nephew, Mavrick, for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and what started out as a goal to run one half marathon, has turned into an avid love of running. He loves pacing races and working aid stations as much as he does running them. His motto is simple "Relentless Forward Progress".


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2:00 Goal Half Marathon Finish Time

Kelly David
Kelly is a long time runner and loves helping others work towards their running goals – whether it is a distance goal or time goal! She enjoys anything from trail running to obstacle course races. Her favorite distance is the half marathon – such an accomplishment while fun at the same time! She is looking forward to helping you at The Half De Paris!








Gina Peterson
Gina started running a year and a half ago after a lot of persuasion from a close friend and inspiration from her son and the I Run 4 community. She started out running her first 5k in September 2016 and quickly got hooked on the sport. After a few more 5k’s and a 10k she quickly set a new goal of running her first half marathon on January 1, 2017. Loving the feeling of accomplishment she has since completed a half a dozen more half marathons and more recently completed her first Full at the BMW Dallas Marathon in December 2017. Gina loves setting new goals and making them a reality. She is currently training for the Phoenix marathon with a goal of trying to qualify for Boston. She is very excited to be a pacer and help fellow runners achieve their goal of crossing the finish line at 2:00.




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2:10 Goal Half Marathon Finish Time

Jill Allison
Jill Allison started running Half Marathons after her son was born 13 years ago. Since then, she has also ran 12+ full marathons, including the Boston Marathon, and multiple trail ultra marathons. She completed her first 100 mile trail ultra (Yeti) in Virginia last year. She is a very active member of the Allen/McKinney/Plano/Frisco chapter of Moms Run This Town (“MRTT”). Running is her passion, and is enjoying helping other runners achieve their goals too.







Srinivas Pogiri
Srini started running about 4 years ago when he moved to Dallas. His running friends inspired him to run marathons and he discovered a true passion. He has finished 4 marathons and many half marathons. Recently he has discovered joys of trail running.







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2:20 Goal Half Marathon Finish Time

Telander Foster
Telander is the mother of twins that are high school seniors. Her kids are her personal cheer squad and love to tell their friends that she is a runner. She started running with the couch to 5k app 5 years ago. She fell in love with running and has not stopped. Telander travels across the country running for fun with friends. Pacing brings her so much joy! Helping you to reach your goal while having a great time and memorable experience is her job! She looks forward to helping you reach your goal!!







Jenny Little
Jenny has been running since 2010. She just recently completed her 10th full marathon, has run a 50k, multiple half marathons, and this will be her 3rd time to pace a half marathon. She is President of McKinney Running Club and loves giving back to her running community. She has an incredibly supportive husband (and he double’s as an amazing pit crew when necessary) and a chocolate lab who is also an avid runner. "






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2:30 Goal Half Marathon Finish Time

Suki Kourounis
Suki started running in 1976 and has ran almost 100,000 miles since then. New York City marathon was her 1st marathon in 1986 and she has been unstoppable since then! She is an ultra runner and she has ran many marathons including Boston, Chicago, Marine Corp, Myrtle Beach, Louisiana Marathon, Dallas WR marathon and many more…and ultra marathons such as 50K, 50 mile, 100k to 100 mile & 24hr.National Championship races and 7 day International Ultra marathon, LOUTRAKI in Greece in 2006 and ran for 350 miles. She was a run group coach at Lifetime Fitness Plano in 2005-2008 and she has her own weekly run group at Barn’s & Noble/Starbuck’s on Preston Road for last 25 years. Running and fitness is her passion for most of her adult life. She is a certified fitness Instructor in local gyms and loves helping others to stay healthy and fit for life. She is very excited to run with you at Half de Paris Marathon to help you achieve your goal!



Chauncey Eastes
Chauncey began running in 2009 after her best friend talked her into walking the L.A. Marathon. Though she was a certified personal trainer, Chauncey did not run or walk long distances. It was a miserable, humbling first race, but it made her determined to become a runner. Since then, she has grown to absolutely love running and completed races from 3k to 50 miles, including 12 marathons. Whether it's a friend or a client, pacing someone to achieve a PR or finish a race for the first time is one of her favorite things. Chauncey is super excited to run with you as you rock that 2:30 finish time!




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2:40 Goal Half Marathon Finish Time

Sarah Martin
Sarah started running in 2013, and it has been a wonderful roller coaster ride since then. Since catching the running bug, she has run many half marathons and two marathons. Her goal is to eventually run a marathon in every state. She attributes a lot of her success to the running pacers she has had along the way, and she cannot wait to pay it forward and help other run a successful half marathon time. Whether it is your first half marathon or 100th, she cannot wait to see you out on the course and to celebrate at the end of a successful race!






Marissa Zoda
Marissa started running 6 years ago when she decided to run the Disney Marathon. What she thought was a one and done turned out to be a passion that has led her to amazing places and rewarding friendships gained along the way. Encouraging and motivating others to their goals is something that has become a passion for her and she loves to let each runner know that they can do anything and their hard work will pay off with a great attitude. Marissa has completed many races from 5ks to earning her 100 mile buckle 2 years ago in Houston. The distance that she has completed the most, and most certainly being her favorite distance, is the Half Marathon. Marissa will never tire of that race distance and is very excited to be a pacer and lead the 2:40 group to many PRs.


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2:50 Goal Half Marathon Finish Time

Chris Higman
Chris has found that pacing allows him to give back to the running community. He and his pace partner, Tom, look forward to meeting new friends, and see those who've run with them on past Active Joe races. He looks forward to seeing you at The Half de Paris.








Tom Johnson
Tom has been a runner for more than 45 years and appreciates that it's one of the great "lifetime" sports. Over the years Tom has competed in races from 5K to 50 miles and everything in between. He loves that sense of accomplishment one gets when setting goals and then working hard to achieve them. Further, Tom has a great passion for helping others experience that fantastic feeling of accomplishment as well. So, if you're looking to complete your first half marathon or striving to beat the three-hour mark, then join Tom and his longtime pacing partner Chris Higman, at the "Half De Paris" Half Marathon. They promise to include some laughs, good conversation, lots of encouragement and, who knows, maybe even a PR for you. Let's do this!

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3:00 Goal Half Marathon Finish Time

Martika Damico
Martika currently lives in Plano with her two daughters Sophia and Giulia. Running is Martika’s zen and she loves to help others achieve their goals! In 2016 she ran her First Marathon and has since completed several 5ks, 10ks, 15ks, 25ks, and 2 50ks. Her next goal is to finish her First 50 miler. Martika is excited to pace you to your goal of 3:00 and having a blast doing so.







Abbie Cowan
Abbie started running a couple of years ago as an easy way to keep fit with two young children and a busy job along with giving her the opportunity to meet new people after relocating to Texas from the UK. Running gave her all that and so much more. As well as making amazing friends through the local running community she has done things that she had never dreamed she would including several half marathons, overnight relay races and this last December her first (and she promises to her family her last!) marathon! She is so excited to pace the Paris Half Marathon to support and encourage others to achieve their goals just like she has been helped by the amazing local running community over the last couple of years!


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3:30 Goal Half Marathon Finish Time

Amy Long
Amy has been running for 10 years and completed her first Half Marathon in 2012. Amy has since completed 16 half marathons, 2 full marathons and many shorter distance races. She believes that all goals are important and every runner is a "real runner" no matter their pace. Amy is excited to share the Paris Half Marathon with the 3:30 group and looks forward to running happy with you all!





Meghan O'Gorman
Meghan began running in 2012 and after a couple knee injuries, she completed her first Half at The Color Half in March of 2015. Since that time, she has ran numerous smaller distance races, 43 half marathons, 5 fulls, and 1 ultra. Meghan is hoping to celebrate her 50th half in April. She has been active with the Irving Running Club since 2015, as well as a member of the Half Fanatics and Marathon Maniacs. Meghan is excited to share her love for running and motivate you for 13 miles to reach your goals!



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Alternate Pacers

These are two strong runners who are comfortable running anything from a 2:00 to 3:30. They will fill in for any last-minute problems where a pacer can’t attend (sick, emergency, sick family, etc.). If all the pacers show, they’ll choose which pace team they want to run with to help out those participants!

Andy Rose
Andy is an ultrarunner who runs both trails and roads. He started running in 2011 to raise money in memory of his nephew, Mavrick, for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and what started out as a goal to run one half marathon, has turned into an avid love of running. He loves pacing races and working aid stations as much as he does running them. His motto is simple "Relentless Forward Progress".






Teri Anderson
Teri started running 9 years ago trying to keep up with a running toddler and never stopped. She completed a 100k this year on her birthday. When people ask her why she runs, she say it's because I like to eat! Pacing is the best! It's so rewarding to help other people along their journeys to achieve their goal.








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